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Konichiwa ! Welcome to my Perfect World . Watashi no namae wa Amie desu ( My name is Amie ). Just call me Amie okay :).

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Contest My Bestfriends Forever by Cik Ayu


bru first time join contest...tu bnyak bende xtaw tu..hehe
AmIe nk brterima kasih kat My Misz Panda
coz mengetag AmIe kat contest ni...
AmIe syggg Zielah 
muaahhh... <3
Gmbr yg dpertaruhkn 
Gmbr ni AmIe wat sendiri taw..penat~
ni la nme2 kwn2 AmIe


emmm..nk ckp cikit la~

One fine day..we will get busy with our lives.
long working hours,no more classes,teachers,friends n sms.
Some will get married..
Won't have time 4 ourselves..
At such a day,u will look outside ur window n see
the good old memories with ur friends flash by u..
U will get a smile with a tear in ur eyes..
Friendship is not a game to play..
Its not a word to say..
It doesn't start on March n ends on May..
It is tomorrow,yesterday,today n everyday...

-Hargai la shbat anda slagi mereka masih ade di sisi-

AmIe nk tag spe ye??emm...

P/s : kalo nk maklumat penuh tentang contest ni tekan je kat banner kat atas tu ye..k see ya!